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Introducing Steernetic ™️ Custom Stitched Covers for your steering wheels. Changes boring to look at steering to something that’s feels much comfortable & more aesthetically pleasing to look at 👀

Two Lightnetic craftspeople marry their hand stitching skills to create this extraordinary cover. Hand stitched, nothing else. It’s the perfect alliance of traditional craftsmanship and modern-day technology!

Full Protection //Protects your car steering wheel from scratches and wear, our steering wheel cover is resistant to severe cold and heat, and all seasons can be used.

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Perfect Fit //

High quality soft and smooth microfiber leather & Alcantara for a more comfortable touch and durable use, excellent ductility for easy installation to perfectly fit your car steering wheel.

We are committed to making more comfortable high-quality car steering wheel covers, enhancing the driving experience, and providing the best, dynamic car solutions for your favorite cars.

Get booked in for our Steernetic Treatment!

Or if you like a challenge or you live too far away then don't worry as you can simply purchase a cover tailor made fro your car "here"

We will ship out first class service so you'll receive your cover in no time. Instructions will be provided within the package so it'll make it easier. We cannot wait to see your work! 

Hand Embroidery


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