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At Lightnetic we pride ourselves on the fact that we only trust a strong combination of the very best (cutting edge) tech & equipment intertwined with our team of competent professionals - combined with over 7+ years of experience within this industry to carry out your chosen service!
We offer bespoke & custom services at Lightnetic which includes - 

OEM+ Ambient Lighting (Factory & Dreamflow)
Starlight Headliner (Twinkling Constellation 1200+ Stars)
Dreamflow Underglows (All Round Glow)
Footwell Ambience Pack (Front & Back Pro Hardwired) 
Stealth Window Tints (All % Shades / All Windows)
Chameleon Tints (Exotic To Subtle & Legal)
Vag / Bmw Coding (Unlock Tricks & Reverse Cam Etc)
Carplay Head Unit Upgrades (New Screen / Wireless) 
Steering Wheels Enhance (Stitched Covers & Full Wheel)

We are located in the heart of Bolton BL3, Manchester UK. We have clients travelling to us from all over the country (Scotland, Wales, London.. 100s of miles) from all backgrounds You can take a look from our socials & from our unbeatable reviews! 

For More Information Or To Book Your Vehicle, Contact Us Via Whatsapp, E-mail Or Call Us. 

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