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Dash Camera Installation

Through our nationwide installation service we are able to offer individuals and fleets a complete package. From selecting a suitable dash camera, to organising and then professional fitting the dash cam to the intended vehicle at a location convenient for you. Select Your Dash Camera & Fitting Now


How it works

Hiding the dash cameras cable! 

When you purchase a dash camera through our website you will see on each product page the option to add our installation service as an additional item. Once your order has been received we will dispatch your dash camera to the address provided. Once you receive your dash cam we will then contact you to arrange the installation. OR contact us and we will supply upon fitting :)

The dash camera installation

One of our fitters will arrive on the arranged date and time, at the location you have specified. Depending on the vehicle and camera we would usually expect to be completed within an hour, but be prepared for it to take up to two hours.

We install the majority of our dash cameras using a fuse holder adapter, this allows us to fit the camera without cutting any cables. This is especially important when there is a guarantee or warranty on the vehicle.

We would still always advise you to check with the manufacturer to see if fitting a dash camera will invalidate either of the above.

Our fitter will locate your dash camera as discreetly as possible whilst still allowing for the best viewing angle. This would usually involve positioning the dash camera neatly behind your rear view mirror.

The finished product

All of our fitters are professional and experienced, your car camera will be neatly installed with no dangling cables left on show. You can see the finished product in the pictures below.

It is worth noting that we have all of the necessary insurances, please feel free to contact us requesting a copy of our liability insurance certificate. If you experience any problems once your car camera has been installed please get in touch.


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