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Every single car no matter how cheap or expensive, the footwell area is dark with minimal light source illuminate it whilst on the go driving. Not not to worry, we have solved this by embedded our Dreamcolour Lightnetic Footwell Ambience in both front and back footwells.


Giving a factory OEM finish all day, every day! 💯


Our DreamFlow Footwell Ambience -


  • Multiple modes such as Lighnetic Special Ambience, Music Dance Mode and many others! 💃


  • All wires will be hidden & tucked away neatly under the trim to ensure the OEM look 👀


  • High quality premium coating to ensure maximum colour yet robust 💪


  • Transform from colour to colour with custom made app for your phone 📱


What's Included -


4x18 Led Chip Footwells Kit 

Warranty Card




DreamFlow LED Ambience Footwell Kit

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